WebWorks Café was launched in the June 2000 when Susan Wohlgemuth moved from teaching computer classes in one of the top private school systems in Southern California to building websites for the schools. The years followed with refining skills in Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Photoshop, and ExpressionEngine, learning the latest technologies, and dropping the old ones, and expansion of website development to small and medium sized businesses and organizations. The opportunity to be creative, turn client’s visions into solutions, and spend the days immersed in the world of HTML and CSS, has made for perfect fit. 

Jared Wohlgemuth mastered his website development skills at WebWorks Café before leaving to manage the website for the San Diego Yacht Club, one of the top 5 yacht clubs in the country. He launched a brand new SDYC website in 2016 that highlights a content management using ExpressionEngine, as well as lots of special features. Jared’s experience in the sailing community has led to WebWorks Café building websites for numerous sailing organizations, as well as other businesses.

With the growth in business, Susan and Jared are working together, sharing their expertise, brainstorm ideas, and provide even better service to our clients.

We also have excellent, creative people we use for unique projects. No one can be an expert in everything, so part of managing a project well is knowing when to use outside resources. While we often use stock images in websites, or images provided by clients, there are some projects that require a one of a kind graphic. We have several excellent graphic artists to call upon for that unique image or logo. And for projects needing specialized programming expertise, we work with several dependable and skilled programmers.